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DE:LTA Issue 1 Preview


It’s time to show some progress on the DE:LTA comic book!

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Marco Marco is a Drag

Marco Marco Logo

In case you missed it Los Angeles Fashion Week was ABLAZE with word of this stunning collection by Marco Marco.  The runway show featured some of the fiercest names in Drag wearing some even fiercer outfits.

Have a look at the FULL Runway Show

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Le1f giving me LIFE

Some people find him controversial but I find him fascinating. Le1f is “known” to be a gay rapper, but its time he be known as a FIERCE rapper. Check out his new single.

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Are you Gellin?

I used to laugh about this when I heard it on a first date. Now that laugh may become a sigh of relief.

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Trusted or Busted: DC Universe Online


Hey geeks. There’s something unique about the desire to save the world with your astonishing personalized abilities. So why is every superhero game so busted? Or Are they?

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