Born:Feb 29
Kendall, Stephon, Nicholas


“THIS is for tha KIDZ!” Ball culture may be gone but something new has emerged. Avant Garde is now. JAYBEZZ  is tomorrow.


JAYBEZZ has been writing, singing and performing as an out, proud artist for over 5 years. His support from the LGBT community and fans has been invaluable. With their support, his hard work ethic, drive and determination, he has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with such acts as SWV, Tech N9ne, RuPaul, Kelly Rowland, Mario and Janelle Monae. His talents have taken him to Morocco, Australia, and across North America. In Fall 2009, JAYBEZZ released his first studio album, “Evolove”, under the independent label, HOBO Records.


Born in Kansas City, Kansas, the second of four children, JAYBEZZ was always known for his individual spirit and affinity for music. As a young child he loved singing in church choirs. His love of music lead him to learn to play the trumpet, piano, drums, French horn and many other instruments. JAYBEZZ began writing songs with his mother for local choirs, and the passion stayed with him.


After years of singing with choirs JAYBEZZ grew to love the stage. He developed a very unique style imitating his icons “the Jacksons”. After years of choreography he entered and won a local talent show. The reviewers compared him to Janet Jackson and Prince, and from then, he knew his calling.  With the gay community begging for music they could relate to, he found his audience.  As an openly bisexual music artist he could offer that personal connection in a way not before realized in the world of music.  JAYBEZZ expanded on the base of the many gay musicians who came before him, gaining the respect of the perceived homophobic hip-hop community.


Through all of the recent success of his music career, he has remained committed to furthering tolerance and equality. JAYBEZZ works to organize events, fundraisers and celebrations that will further these goals. His dedication to music is second only to his dedication to the community that supports him.

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