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Recently I came across an artist by the name of Jaybezz. If you are into techno music, you’ll probably enjoy his music.




SF Examiner

The crowd of over 300 people was left wanting more after Jaybezz thanked all for coming and supporting him and his work.

Out Impact

He has recently released Evolove this past week and this is a innovative  journey you’ll want to take!  This album is realness personified, from every spectrum of emotion without being cheap, cheesy or overdone.


Indie Music Universe

Evolove is an overall eclectic dance/pop/synth concept album that his its beats and vocal delivery style pulled from the fun, MTV-powered 80’s decade.


The 8up

8up: Who IS JayBezz?

JB: I’m a traveler from the future who grew up in the past. At least musically., I hope my project, “Evolove” represents that. I’m a performer. I love to dance, and I love to love.


A Dissident Citizen

He’s got a great sound and he will going on an Asian tour soon to promote his music. My favorite track happens to be “Drop the Beat”.


The New Gay

I was extremely excited to have the ability to hone my craft and share my voice.  However, I did not understand that “the industry” had very different plans for me.

Hotter in Hollywood

Having worked with such hotness like SWVRuPaulKelly RowlandMario and Janelle Monae, JayBezz is growing into his own style of electro-jazz-R&B fusion

Queer Ear

JayBezz is “dedicated to public service and creativity like the legendary houses. Our goal is to recognize some of the least visible individuals in society.”

Mad News

I really like Back In Your Life. The smooth uptempo late 80s soul groove just gripped me and the track is well produced. I also think it’s the sort of track that Michael Jackson (Rest In Peace) would have sung. I can definitely hear Michael on this track.

TheFutureForward Interview

The FUTURE wishes JayBezz a tremendous amount of success and blessings as he continues to Evolve in his extraordinary work.

MySoCalledGayLife Feature

Through all of the recent success of his music career, he has remained committed to furthering tolerance and equality. JayBezz works to organize events, fundraisers and celebrations that will further these goals. His dedication to music is second only to his dedication to the community that supports him.


RnB Blues Interview

RBB: What are you currently working on?
JB: I am currently booking internationally. I will leave in early winter over to Tokyo to promote the album.

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