Everyone loves a man with big ideas.. especially when he makes the money to back it up!  There’s one man with BIG ideas leading the new Space Race!

He is the man behind my favorite Janet Jackson Albums and so much more.  Lets talk about the sexy Sir Richard Branson.  I love Virgin America AND Virgin Atlantic because I feel hella fly when flying.  Even more, I love that Virgin even moved into communications with one of the sexiest mobile phone companies.  Did I mention he bought some beautiful islands I saw on his MTV Cribs?  Its obvious he is a man of vision, and I am extremely hyped about Virgin Galactic.


If you didn’t already know, Virgin Galactic has risen to the challenge to provide commercial space travel.  In May of 2011, their innovative craft, SpaceshipTwo, was released from WhiteKnightTwo at 51,500ft and for the first time in tests and demonstrated its unique feathered re-entry system. The test met all objectives and after re-feathering to the normal glide configuration and  made a smooth touchdown.


Virgin Galactic is proving that commercial space flight is not science fiction anymore.  This is the promise of innovation and manufacturing I was promised.  I can’t for my time to touch the sky.


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