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JayBezz on Qnation.fm

JayBezz will appear on QNation.fm on the “Better Days Radio” broadcast!

Be sure to tune in Sunday, June 21 at 10PM (EST)

for more info check out www.qnation.fm and www.betterdaysradio.com



RnB Blues Interview

I sit down the RnB Blues to talk about my time with the music. Make sure to head over there for a good read


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DQP Podcast Interview

Out Independent Musical Artist “JayBezz” Speaks with The Drag Queen Posse about his upcoming album, EVOLOVE, and his upcoming Asian Tour kicking off in Tokyo, Japan!

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A New Era of JayBezz

Hey Divos and Divas,

I’ve been entirely engulfed in making something new and amazing for all you guys to hear.  I want you to be the first to hear about the new album.  My goal with Evolove is to create a piece of audio art that tells my story in a new and creative way.

Visually, Evolove is Past meets Future, avant-garde meets pop art.  Tokyo city lights, gold chains, fierce face and raw emotion.  The high energy of the album demands bright colors.  Evolove is filled with tracks sure to charge your neon lights.  I have released my inner Diva and there’s no turning back.

The album follows a relationship from its amazingly fun beginning to it’s tragic end and through to its eventual redemption.  Along with this journey through romance, there is a journey through time.  Beginning with tribal and fuedal themes, expect to visit the 60’s, 80’s, Present. and the future.  Rock to Pop, Dance to Prance, Evolove will take you someplace surely new and yet somewhat familiar.

I am so pregnant it hurts.  Can’t wait to deliver my baby, and share her with you.  So stay tuned and be ready for some amazing suprises!

Love. (Its my only commandment)



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