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New Man of Steel Trailer


I know my geeks love a good superhero movie! Today there was a brand new release for the Superman movie “Man of Steel”

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A Moment for Boston

I don’t like to be political.

Just know that you are all in my heart and heavy on my mind.

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Janelle Monae Releases ROYAL surprise

I don’t often fall for media hype but this one has me BUZZING! Find out her big reveal here.

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Virgin makes Flying Fly


Everyone loves a man with big ideas.. especially when he makes the money to back it up! There’s one man with BIG ideas leading the new Space Race!

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Trusted or Busted: Champions Online


In the coming weeks I’m going to be reviewing the SuperHero MMORPG niche. There are three current games on the market (after the closure of fan favorite City of Heroes/Villains): Champions Online, DC Universe Online, and the upcoming Marvel Heroes.

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