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Kaepernick Jersey Preview

If you haven’t gotten your Number 7.. You are slow. Colin Kaepernick Jersey is HOT right now. The new season is right around the corner and 49ers Fans are getting ready.

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Truvada is the new T


Poz-phobia is hella tired. So I want to empower you divos and divas with another tool for your box. So let me hit you with the real T.

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JayBezz on Grooveshark

Listen to my latest Single “Love on Fire” as well as the entire Evolove Album on GrooveShark NOW

“Lets Stay Awhile” 2011

Kelly Rowland makes Monogamy sexy

New Previews Available

Divos / Divas,

I’m so excited to give you guys a sneak peek at the new album! Check out the House of Bezz YouTube page and find out more!

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