Le1f giving me LIFE

Some people find him controversial but I find him fascinating. Le1f is “known” to be a gay rapper, but its time he be known as a FIERCE rapper. Check out his new single.

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JayBezz on Grooveshark

Listen to my latest Single “Love on Fire” as well as the entire Evolove Album on GrooveShark NOW

New Previews Available

Divos / Divas,

I’m so excited to give you guys a sneak peek at the new album! Check out the House of Bezz YouTube page and find out more!

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New Single Announced!

Hey Divos/Divas,

Ready for something HOT and FRESH? New JayBezz Single will be released October 11, 2010. You sure you’re ready?

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New JayBezz

Preview the new sounds coming from JayBezz for the upcoming 2011 Sophomore album..  Stay Tuned.

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